The use of Artificial Intelligence in combination with deep genomics to achieve maximum health optimization.

Dr Robert Hess

Doctor Robert Hess explains: The potential of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has not yet been fully realized in conventional medicine. There are a number of reasons for this, foremost among them being medical liability, because there are few A.I. algorithms that have so far received clinical approval. Furthermore, too few medical practitioners are sufficiently versed in Information Technology and, conversely, the developers of the algorithms generally have only a limited background in medical science. Many algorithms are based on very complicated mathematics, and the results they produce appear to have come from the proverbial “black box”.

The situation is quite different in matters of health optimization in which large data sets of personalized data create the prerequisite for machine learning. The monitoring of epigenetic and deep genomics data in particular provides the perfect basis for pinpoint analysis leading on to appropriate recommendations for therapy.

In the companies I own and run, we have been using A.I. algorithms for quite some time in the pursuit of health optimization, with 80% of all recommendations made by Salvagene currently being generated by Artificial Intelligence. All of the recommendations I am currently making to clients on how they can boost their immunity against SARS-CoV-2 are 50 percent derived from A.I. algorithms which have the absolute advantage that, after a certain learning period, they are capable of creating an individual A.I. system for each client.

In contrast to conventional medicine, where reference is made to data of non-specific origin, we work exclusively with the personal, individually harvested data of our clients where the principle is, of course, the more data sets generated, the better.

My personal objective is to develop a “Daily Life Care” procedure, a sort of “home lab” which will be integrated into smart home systems in the future. This home lab will perform a daily instant analysis of samples (saliva sample, a small finger prick blood test, urine and stool sample), an automated test that takes just a few seconds. In this way, the client will be presented with an immediate A.I.-based personal “daily plan”. This plan includes a nutrition and activation program derived from the readings, which recommends the specific activities that are optimal at a certain time of day for daily health optimization. It is my vision to have my personal health optimizer at home, which is available to take care of my well-being every day and knows my needs better than I do.